of your customers communicate with you through support...
Unlock their value

Capture sales opportunities and risks, product ideas and improvements, bug alerts, feature requests and more by tapping into support conversations

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Leverage your support team like never before

Our AI-driven solution captures what your customers are saying - driving insights from support to the entire business.

Escalate opportunities from your chat

A slow response is a missed opportunity. Ginzi can embed triggers in each conversation, allowing support to escalate opportunities, bugs, or insights to the right departments.

A tool built especially for your needs

Ginzi uses Natural Language Processing to create unique tags for your business. Capture vital conversations from day one, then expand what you capture, as you grow!


Automated tagging

Select or create your own tags to track specific subjects in support communications. It could be specific sales opportunities, queries about your product or anything that your teams want to tag and track.

Real time routing

Share the relevant information with the right people at the right time. Captured conversations can be automatically forwarded on to the right departments - all integrated with Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, Hubspot & more.

Actionable insights and dashboards

Take control of your data. See how many opportunities you caught in time, assess churn risks, communication gaps, reported bugs, and product ideas - all while giving a better service to your customers.

who ginzi helps


Rather than manually tagging and forwarding on conversations, fully automate the process with Ginzi’s AI technology - saving your team hours every day.


There are golden opportunities waiting in your customer commmunication. Know which customers are ready to upgrade, or buy more seats, and identify any retention problems.


Find out what your users are talking about, their motivations and product needs. Learn about bugs in real time, and about features they don’t use, or wish they had.

your Potential value from ginzi

Monthly Chats

Tags created


Hours Saved


and Risks





how it works

In 0 Days:


Ginzi integrates with your chat channel and you select  NLP tags to fit your business.

In 14 Days:

Fine tune

In 14 days Ginzi’s AI finetunes its algorithims, matching tags to your customer language.



We help create additional tags and triggers for your support channels, so every opportunity or risk can be actioned on.

Every Day Onwards...


Save your team endless hours of tagging, create new feature ideas for Product and generate sale opportunities.


30-days free access to the Sales & Marketing and Product packages when buying the Support package


per Month
charged annually
  • Up to 10k conversations per month
  • Up to 3 licenses
  • Tag types: Topics & Sentiment tags
  • Recurring questions
  • Automated internal routing (within support channels)
  • Strategic support dashboards

Sales & Marketing

per Month
charged annually
  • Up to 20k conversations per month
  • Up to 7 licenses
  • Tag types: Intent, Topics & Sentiment
  • Automated internal routing (to Sales & Marketing management tools)
  • Strategic Sales dashboards


per Month
charged annually
  • Up to 20k conversations per month
  • Up to 7 licenses
  • Tag Types: Topics, Sentiment, Features & Product ideas
  • Recurring questions
  • Automated internal routing (to Product tools)
  • Strategic product dashboards

Access your customer potential

Your customers are talking... let us help you listen to them. Our dedicated team is here to help you onboard our solution to your business, and help you access the revenue, new opportunities, and risk avoidance capabilities that your customers are already telling you about!

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