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Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value

Why Ginzi?
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Real time customer satisfaction 

Know what your customer is thinking now so you can address problems and maximize opportunities effectively. Ginzi is the only solution in the market to provide truly real-time insights.

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Granular customer sentiment analysis

Assess customer sentiment by combining cutting-edge NLP (Natural Language Processing) with Behavioral Psychology. The Ginzi solution uses seamless data collection processes to generate accurate and granular insights.

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Senior management visibility across project portfolio

X-ray vision into what is truly going-on across all the projects in your portfolio. Instead of being the last to know, Ginzi means you can view & resolve issues when they happen.

Our Solution

Insights from every interaction

Whether it's a major milestone delivery, a meeting or any other form of interaction with your customer - Ginzi identifies the interaction and analyzes the customers sentiment and satisfaction.

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Breaking down customer sentiment

Understanding which parts of the relationship are working better than others - not only across the different workstreams, but also in relation to the different types of sentiment.

Actionable outputs

Pinpointing the moment when the relationship went off-the-rails, understanding what went wrong and responding accordingly.

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Meet The Team
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Ben Jacobs

Ben’s background includes business development and research at SimilarWeb and TASC Consulting & Capital. In addition, Ben was the founder & CEO @Frizbee, building collaborations between the Israeli & Palestinian tech services communities. 

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Laurence Jacobs

Laurence was a partner and head of the IT practice at Milbank. He is widely recognized as a #1 IT and outsourcing advisor (chambers) and advised on many of the biggest projects in Europe over the past two decades.

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Dr. Royi Zidon

Royi is a senior data scientist with experience in academia and high-tech, including leading research projects at Mobile Physics (Samsung Next),  Trendit and undertaking research at The Hebrew University and the University of California, Berkeley.

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